• Who are the Alabama Militia?

    The Alabama Militia is looking for members that want to serve our Community and State. We offer training and comradery as well as a place for your family to prosper. We pride ourselves on not being the Stereotypical Militia. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, creed, gender, color, religion, or political affiliation, provided you do not wish to bring harm to our country or people. The Alabama Militia does not tolerate Racism, Right/Left/Center Wing Extremism, Anti-Government or Anti-Law Enforcement Agendas.

  • Where is the Alabama Militia?

    The Alabama Militia is distinct from the Alabama State Defense Force (Alabama State Militia) in that it is not recognized as part of the organized militia by the government of Alabama, but is rather privately organized by private citizens as an unorganized militia. Our Area of Operation is the entire State of Alabama.

  • Is the Alabama Militia Legal?

    Title 31 - MILITARY AFFAIRS AND CIVIL DEFENSE. Chapter 2 - MILITARY CODE. Section 31-2-5 - Composition of unorganized militia. Universal Citation: AL Code § 31-2-5 (2015) Section 31-2-5 Composition of unorganized militia. The unorganized militia shall consist of all able-bodied male resident citizens of the state and all able-bodied resident males who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, between the ages of 17 and 45, and of such other persons, male and female, as may, upon their own application, be enlisted or commissioned therein, subject to any existing law, who are not serving in any force of the organized militia and who are not on the state retired list. (Acts 1957, No. 592, p. 829, §3; Acts 1973, No. 1038, p. 1572, §5.)

  • What is a Prepsteader?

    Someone who combines prepping and homesteading may be a Prepsteader. Why focus on one or the other when you can learn more. Joining the Alabama Militia doesnt mean you are a militant. We do so much more and have a lot more to learn.

  • What does the Alabama Militia do?

    The Alabama Militia was formed to support the Constitutions of the United States an Alabama. Our purpose is to serve, aid, and protect our families and communities. We train for more than Military purposed. We share information and training with each other about medical, food storage, CERT missions, and much more. Contact us and find out more.


There are five FPCON levels:

FPCON NORMAL: Applies when there is no discernible terrorist activity. Under these conditions, only a routine security posture, designed to defeat the criminal threat, is warranted. The minimum FPCON is NORMAL.

FPCON ALPHA: Applies when there is a general threat of possible terrorist threat activity against personnel and/or installations, the nature and extent of which is unpredictable, and circumstances do not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures. However, it may be necessary to implement certain measures from higher FPCONs resulting from intelligence received or as a deterrent. Commands must be capable of maintaining FPCON ALPHA measures indefinitely, with only limited impact on normal operations.

FPCON BRAVO: Applies when an increased or more predictable terrorist threat exists. Commanders must be capable of maintaining the measures of this FPCON for several weeks without causing undue hardship to personnel, substantially affecting operational capabilities, or aggravating relations with local authorities and members of the local civilian community.

FPCON CHARLIE: Applies when an incident occurs or intelligence indicates some form of terrorist action against personnel and/or facilities is imminent. Implementation of FPCON CHARLIE measures for more than a short period probably will create hardships for personnel and affect the peacetime activities of units and personnel.

FPCON DELTA: Implementation applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence indicates terrorist action against a specific location is likely. Implementation of FPCON DELTA normally occurs for only limited periods of time over specific, localized areas. Commands cannot sustain FPCON DELTA for extended periods without causing significant hardships for personnel and substantial reductions in capability to perform normal peacetime missions.

Our training program is based off of both Military and Corporate training methods that have shown the most effective and efficient manner to get the knowledge into practical use. The Alabama Militia utilizes an Online Training system that explains the information and verifies that it has been understood. Then we go over the information prior to hands on training, then we train to the standards required to ensure that the students know the information. It all falls under a simple statement:

Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.

If the information is presented at least 3 times with different methods, the retention of the information will be a lot greater than just a simple Power Point or 10 minutes of showing them a picture. Training time is limited, but getting the most out of it is the key to becoming a well trained, cohesive unit, that can operate under different circumstances and still accomplish the mission. Diversity in training is the key.

Our training programs follow simple learning paths. We will not expect someone that has never training in patrol methods to understand how to do dismount operations from a vehicle. Learning paths are important to making sure that the training is understood as well as makes sense. One step at a time is safer and more comprehensible than just showing up and training what someone feels like teaching that day, especially, if the previous subject had nothing to do with todays training. 

Alabama Militia uses this system for the Militia, PrepSteaders, Base Defense Force, CERT, and any other training that we provide. The Alabama Militia SOP has definitive areas of training that must be covered, but we will blend in other training to subsidize and maximize our training times when we have extra time. If we have an extra hour during the fighting position training or water generator construction, then why shouldnt we add in parts of the TCCC medical training to make the most of our time. 

It will take a commitment from all members to accomplish this program and become the best trained Militia possible. Prior to the scheduled training, members will need to complete the learning path for each of the planned classes using the Online Training Center. You must have an account on the MilitiaBook system to use the Training Area. Once you complete the Online Training, you can print your certificate of completion and the Staff will receive a notification that you have completed the online training. When you arrive at the FTX, you will be directed to the next level of that training for continued hands on training on the subjects. We understand that time and family is important, and there are times that you may not be able to complete the Online Training. If you did not complete the Online Training, you will not be reprimanded. You will attend a remedial training session to catch you up on the training and once completed, you can go to the next level to continue the training. 

The goal of the Alabama Militia is to ensure that our member have the training needed to keep them safe and complete any missions sent our way. Safety is the prime factor during our training and we will not sidestep on safety or training for any reason. 

An Army of deer led by a Lion is more to be feared than an Army of Lions led by a Deer.



The PURPOSE of these by-laws is to explain the mission, goals and organizational structure of the Alabama Militia.


To support the States Organized Militias.
To defend the Constitution of the Several States and the Constitution of the United States of America. To uphold and to defend the Bill of Rights, seen as unalienable, and given by our Creator to free men that they may remain free.
To support the County Sheriff's Departments and State Police. To insure that all citizens-- regardless of race, color, religion, sex, physical characteristics, or national origin-- shall have the right and opportunity to due process of the law as established and guaranteed by the Great Document which guides this Great Nation.


It will be the goals of the Alabama Militia to:

a) PRESENT itself to the citizens of this region as a well-regulated, well-trained, well equipped, trustworthy, and knowledgeable Militia consisting of ordinary citizens rather than professionals.
b) ASSIST citizens in the event of national disaster, civil defense, and in the defense of self and state.
c) ESTABLISH a cohesive leadership structure, able to instruct and task as needs arise.
d) TRAIN its membership in the many disciplines of disaster preparedness and firearms proficiency.
e) EDUCATE its members on the Rights and Duties of a Citizen, according to The Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
f) INFORM its members of local, national, and global events which would imperil the Constitution and impact the direction of the country and their families.
g) ENCOURAGE its members to stand against all tyranny which threatens to undermine our form of government and these United States of America.
h) UPHOLD the pure constitutional rule of law whereby all citizens have the right to trial by a jury of their peers in a court of law.
i) BUILD an organization that has only one purpose, to be a Militia, without the stigma that is attached to Militias in the current environment. A Militia that is Only a Militia, without an agenda or ulterior motive.
j) AVOID being viewed as a militant organization that has an agenda. The presence of the Militia should be a comfort to the people we serve, not a group to be avoided and be afraid of.
k) ENSURE that the Militia and the PrepSteaders get the best training available to make certain that they are able to handle all missions presented with minimal chance of failure.
l) FAMILY FIRST should be the focus of all members of the Alabama Militia. My family is your family and yours is mine. Each member has a duty of care for other members and their families as well as their own.


The Basic Unit will be built on the 4-member fire team. A squad will consist of 2 fire teams with a Squad Leader. A Platoon will be organized around a 4 squad structure with a possible 5th squad for support depending on the mission. A Company will be based on the 3 line Platoons and a HQ Platoon concept. A Battalion will consist of 3 to 5 companies, with a HQ Company. The Brigade will consist of 3 to 5 Battalions with a HQ Company, and attached support units. Members are encouraged to form 4 men fire teams, either friends or by approximate geographic location. All members will be assigned to a team regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age and place of national origin, political party, or other as needed. Physical condition will be a factor considered. The mission of each team is to accomplish the goals of the Militia as a whole. Upon taking the oath, each member will be assigned a position in a team.

The PrepSteader group will fall outside the basic organizational system and will operate as a separate group but working directly with the line units as a support system. The primary mission of the PrepSteaders is to insure that the base area is operational and safe for the families that are in the care of the Alabama Militia. The PrepSteaders are an integral part of the mission capabilities for the Alabama Militia as they will allow the Militia to focus on training instead of logistics. They will be managed by the PrepSteader Commander/Leader. They will provide support and assistance to the Militia as needed or requested, but their duties will place them working directly with the Militia at times.

A few of the direct functions for the PrepSteaders are setting up 1st Aid Stations, Communications, Supply Storage, POL (Petroleum, Oil, Lubrications) locations, Vehicle repair, Housing, Food Services and Storage, Logistics Procurement, and many other missions. The prime focus of the PrepSteaders is to learn sustainment and other methods to survive in diverse conditions in a secure environment maintained by the Militia. The Militia will provide direct support and security for the PrepSteaders. The skill set for PrepSteaders will vary, and any information useful to survival, storage, medical, or other areas are welcomed.

There will be mutual support between the Militia and the PrepSteaders and each will assist the other with projects and mission fulfillment. Prepsteaders may volunteer to be trained for Base Defense services, but will not be attached to line units directly. PrepSteaders function for the Alabama Militia is to learn, train, and support the Militia with knowledge obtained from experience. 

3.1 The Leadership Staff:

The Unit staff is made up of officers selected and appointed by the existing Commander: These ranks may and will change depending on the growth of the Alabama Militia.

  • The Commander will hold the rank of Captain.
  • The PrepSteader Commander/Leader will hold honorary rank of Captain.
  • The Executive Officer will hold the rank of First Lieutenant.
  • The Communication, Medical, Intelligence, Operations, Engineering, and Weapons Officers will hold the ranks of First or Second Lieutenant.
  • The NCOIC of the Militia will hold the title of First Sergeant.

The Commanders will be elected to serve that position once per year in January. Only eligible members may vote during the election of the Commander. The Commander of the Militia will be a Militia Member. The Commander of the PrepSteaders will be from that group. Voting will be performed by each group separately. 

Eligibility requirements for voting are:

  • Full Membership, Recruits are not eligible to vote until they become Full Members. Supporters and Reserves are not eligible to vote.
  • No recent extended unexplained/unexcused absences (Missing 3 or more concurrent assemblies/meetings, 5 assemblies/meetings within a 12 month period, or failure to attend an assembly/meeting within 3 months after joining during probationary period).
  • 18 Years or Older.

3.2 Field Officers:

All Field Officer Positions will be assigned according to the task performed and/or experience based on growth of the Militia.

3.3 Enlisted Personnel:

Ranks will be assigned according to the Alabama Militia SOP.
Specialists can hold additional titles such as Medic, Senior Medic, DART, CERT, Engineer, or other identifiers as specified. 

3.4 Authority:

Leaders and Officers elected and appointed to command and support positions are given their authority by you. As a member, you are expected to support and follow the orders and directives of the Chain of Command. Trust and teamwork are the cornerstones of our organization. If you feel compelled to disobey or openly reject the Chain of Command, you should immediately withdraw from the Militia, without prejudice. Provision is made to remove members who discredit the Militia though a hearing (Juris Minor) by the Chain of Command and/or upon appeal, a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing.
Violation of these bylaws or our Code of Conduct will result in automatic removal without right of appeal.


Membership in the Alabama Militia shall be open to any citizen over the age of 18 regardless of sex, race, and religion, physical characteristic or national origin.
Membership is voluntary, and will last until the member withdraws or is dismissed by proper authority.
New members must have a Concealed Carry Permit, or a back ground check to ensure their eligibility to join.
A new recruit wishing to join may attend up to and participate in three training musters, to help them decide. All Militia members will be required to provide information about his/her self in order to best utilize their experience and background. Information provided will be kept confidential and will be used only for the functioning of the Unit.
For the protection of the Community and the Militia, members are forbidden to possess, use or carry drugs or alcohol on any Unit events or activities. Membership is not open to anyone with a felony criminal conviction unless legally expunged, any misdemeanor conviction related to domestic violence, or any involuntary mental health commitment. Members must be willing and able to submit to a background check and/or drug test at the discretion of the Leadership Staff.
These terms are binding and non-negotiable upon application for membership. Any falsification will be considered breach of trust and grounds for immediate dismissal from the Alabama Militia.

4.1 Types of Membership:

  • Member-- An active participant in the Alabama Militia activities, including as a PrepSteader, abiding by the rules and regulations of the Militia, and having completed a probationary period, providing information required by the Leadership Staff, signed and taken the oath.
  • Supporter -- An active supporter who chooses to remain anonymous. A supporter does not take the oath, has no voting rights, and has no say in the running of the Alabama Militia.
  • Reserves -- Inactive members that are still recognized, but can not attend due to verified reasons, or members that are placed in reserves pending dismissal due to failure to attend assemblies/musters.

4.2 Withdraw/Dismissal:

A member may voluntarily withdraw his or her membership in the Militia at any time by notifying the Leadership Staff, in writing, of their decision. Following the probationary period, a member may be dismissed from membership after a formal hearing by the Chain of Command. Two-thirds vote from the Leadership Staff will be required to remove a member under these circumstances.

4.3 Conduct:

Group members are highly encouraged to live exemplary lives as outlined in the Alabama Militia Code of Conduct and the Laws of their State of Residence and in some cases, the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice. Blatant violation of the law places the legitimacy of the Alabama Militia and its members at risk. Just one member can jeopardize the Alabama Militia as well as other Militias, by illegal acts when those wishing to discredit us look for such opportunity.

As most training will occur on private property, all guest are expected to act in an ethical and lawful manner. Safety is of the highest concern for all members. Under no circumstance will any illegal or unlawful activity be tolerated.
Therefore, in order to protect the body as a whole, Militia members will be subject to a Juris Minor made up of the Leadership Staff convened to hear the facts of the case before it. Members may stand trial for such acts that would discredit the Alabama Militia or place the Militia at risk. The accused will stand in his/her own defense. No charge will be brought to court minor unless supported by at least two witnesses. The maximum penalty for any offense will be permanent dismissal from the Militia. After counsel the convened Leadership Staff will vote on action.

Any Militia members may voluntarily withdraw from the Militia at any time without prejudice for conscience sake. In such case, all issued equipment must be returned. It shall also be the right of each Militia member to appeal to authority within the direct chain of command regarding grievances. In every case however, the Militia member shall follow the order or directive first and make his appeal afterward.

4.4 Recruitment:

Under no circumstances are Militia members to discredit the Alabama Militia by pressuring citizens to join or to contribute material or financial support. All material and financial contributions will be accepted with the clear understanding that the unalienable rights of all will be protected without qualification.


All Militia members will be required to take the oath and sign it, to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitutions of the State and to protect it from all enemies.

5.1 Oath for Enlisted and Non-commissioned Members:

"I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the State of Alabama and the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the officers appointed over me, as they are set forth in the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice.  So help me God."

5.2 For Commissioned Officers:

"I, (name), having been commissioned as an officer in the Alabama Militia, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the State of Alabama and the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God."


As a member of the Alabama Militia, you are encouraged to procure and maintain items of uniform and equipment. When in uniform, you represent the Unit. Proper impression is very important to the community.

All members will own and maintain a semi-auto battle rifle with 1000 rounds of ammunition, pistol belt and two canteens, a backpack with 4 days rations for quick response, must be maintained per unit SOP. Members shall strive to be self-sufficient at all times, they must be able to sustain themselves and their families in times of crises or national emergency. A 90-day supply of dry or canned food is minimal with other essentials. All members are to maintain a dress uniform (BDU’s) with all unit patches, name tape, rank, and a training uniform of BDU’s w/name and Militia tape to include dog tags.

If you are restricted to limited funds, set your priority on proper uniforms and attire rather than exotic military hardware. A prepared kit is more credible than a lot of neat toys. Members WILL be expected to obey all Constitutional state and local firearms laws. Unit members are normally expected to carry military style firearms.

Only in self-defense will a Militia member discharge his weapon. As with members of organized military units on leave, Militia members are expected to abide by all hunting rules and regulations pertaining to the use of firearms for that purpose.


In the case of a natural or manmade disaster, the role of communication is critical. Therefore, the Citizen Band radio and ham radio will be the principal forms of communication for the Alabama Militia. Persons taking part in emergency communications should have a valid ham radio operator license. Members should also attempt to procure usable GMRS/FRS radios and/or 2 meter radios for local communications.


Periodic musters and assemblies are necessary and shall be called to achieve the overall goals of the Alabama Militia. Members must discipline themselves to set aside time each month, for assembly. Militia members will be notified of actual assembly times and places. While it is intended that the Militia intrude as little as possible in the private lives of its members, it is also clear that individual members are volunteers and must be ready to meet periodically and to deploy as the need arises. Our regular muster occurs on the 3rd Saturday of each month, at 9am EST. These may take place at a members home, public park, or local target range. Locations will be announced at least 1 week in advance.

Attendance is important. Failure to attend 3 assemblies/musters in a row, or not attending within 3 months after joining could result in a member being placed in the Reserves, status changed to Supporter, or dismissal.


We are not affiliated with any Political or Religious Organizations.

We may be allied with many other Militia units, and have formal Mutual Defense Agreements with other Militias. 

Any existing unit with a desire of membership will be subject to a minimum 90-day probationary period. The Command Staff will evaluate the unit’s activities to include one training muster. The unit must accept our by-laws and structure as is, or as amended.


Code of Conduct for Alabama Militia Members

1. I am a citizen of the United States serving in an unorganized citizen's Militia. I am prepared to give my life to guard and protect my homeland, my community, our common law rights, liberties and our way of life. This service is a duty of my citizenship.
2. I will keep and maintain the uniform (if required), equipment, and weaponry necessary to perform the duties prescribed for the Alabama Militia and will be prepared to mobilize quickly.
3. I will never forget that I am a citizen of my State of Alabama, and through her, of these United States. I am responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles that made this country free. I will strive to lead an exemplary life and never, by action or statement, bring discredit to the Militia, my country, or my fellow Countrymen.
4. In all cases, I shall endeavor to inform and urge all citizens to return to the Constitutional Republic our forefathers envisioned.
5. I will stand by or come to the aid of my brothers of the Militia with whatever means necessary and without question or concern for my own well-being to ensure due process of law as stated in the Constitution.
6. I will never misuse my position in the Alabama Militia for financial or personal gain, nor will I engage in any activity subversive to the Alabama Militia.
7. I will never surrender of my own free will. If, in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they have the means to resist.
8. If during an armed conflict, I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means possible. I will make every effort to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
9. Should I become a prisoner of war, I am bound to give only my name, rank, and date of birth. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to the United States and its citizens or harmful to their continued struggle for liberty and freedom.
10. Should I become a prisoner of war, I will keep my faith with my fellow prisoners, and accept no favors from the enemy. I will give no information nor take part in any action that might be harmful to my comrades. If I am a senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will support them in every way.
11. I will strive to abide by the laws of my Country and State.
12. I will remain loyal to the Alabama Militia, even upon separation and bring no harm to it through word or deed.




We are an all volunteer force who pay for their own equipment, training, travel and time in order to better serve our communities.

It is our goal to have a Company of trained personnel in every county we serve, and someday, across the state.

We train as Ultra Light Infantry but incorporate other skills for our members. Our goal is to train so we can serve the Governor and/or the County Sheriff with all the skills needed in an emergency.

Our members should be C.E.R.T. trained hopefully within their first year of joining and we continually require training for different aspects of disaster relief from Traffic and Crowd Control to Search and Rescue.


Principles of Leadership

Know yourself and seek self improvement
Be technically and tactically proficient
Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions
Make sound and timely decisions
Lead by example
Know your teammates and look out for their welfare
Keep your teammates informed
Develop responsibility in your teammates
Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished
Employ your unit within its capabilities